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Our Daily Bread Recipe: Don't judge to not be judged. A different kind of Hummus

We all know the deliciousness of hummus, that creamy glory that makes you feel life can be easy sometimes. But often Hummus can be a little hard to accept for those ones that don't love garlic and if you want to stick to the tradition you cannot cook it without it (well, unless you walk by Christian Faith and then you know that in Philippians 4:13 it is written "i can do all things trough Christ who strengthens me" so there is not excuse to not try it, at least!

Today we will take that as a challenge and come out with our own wild version of hummus, made with a different leguminosae: The sweet Peas.

Children love gathering them and even eating them raw sometimes for their sweetness and of course their health benefits are many: They are a good source of iron and are a beneficial for the skin, they can help you improve the immune system responses and have great effects on digestion, along many other goodness they can offer.

We usually add them to soups or sauces, or use them to refill empanadas and other wonderful dishes, but have you ever tried giving the Peas the chance to be the center of attention?

Pea hummus can be a great dish to add a little wild touch to your party dishes or a subject to talk about in the next lunch meeting and is even a great one to pack up if you have a picnic at the beach and want to dip some baby carrots or some crispy tortillas on it!

As usual we will give you too options on how to do you Sweet Peas Hummus dish. This recipe is Vegan and you can adapt it for those allergic to nuts just changing some ingredients. At the end of the day you can always do your own (even more wild) version of our recipe, or follow ours till the end, since we won't judge for it says in Matthew 7:1 “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you." Now, talking about measuring...let's get to the recipe of our daily bread today:

Sweet Peas Vegan Hummus:


12 oz Sweet Peas

4 spoons of Coconut milk

2 spoons of olive oil

3 spoons of chopped walnuts (optional)

A sprinkle of Tarragon

Salt to the taste


Use a little water to cook the Peas in slow fire, with the led on the pot, to allow a gentle cook that does not kill the nutrients.

Once they are soft, take them out of the fire and add the Coconut milk (you can replace it for your preferred vegetable milk).

Add the olive oil too and mix it with a masher until you have a creamy Hummus consistency.

Now add the nuts and mix them or replace them for chopped olives if you are an olives lover like we are!

Add salt to the taste and mix it all well and at the end, put it in a plate of your choice and sprinkle some tarragon on top of the mix.

You can decorate with baby carrots or crispy Tortilla chips to give your dish a unique presentation.

Enjoy and celebrate and don't forget to offer your prayers to the most high, since there is no better ingredient than that one to make your food truly unique!

God bless you

Lucia Radetzki from The Butterfly Path Lc

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