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Our daily bread recipe: Let the Kingdom come: Healthy cookies for the Saints

I have always been an enthusiastic of trying different recipes and diets. Mostly because i realized that combining ingredients to come out with a delicious meal is not only an art but it is also deeply spiritual and a beautiful way to honor God as we imitate His glorious ability to create something from scratch.

Today i want to share with you one of the recipes i learned experimenting with the Keto diet (mostly to understand the side effects and have a first hand experience with them). After around 2 months trying to live without carbohydrates in my table i surely learned a lot of things about it but one of the most positive things i learned is how many creative versions of the recipes we know we can come out with and how that can change completely our nutritional intake, sometimes even adding or taking out one single ingredient!

Today i want to share with you my favorite cookie recipe in 2 versions: Keto and Vegan.


Vegan Almond Cookies

For my lovely vegan community i have today this recepie that will shut the mouth of the Lions when they come against you saying you don't eat enough calcium and proteins. This recipe, on top of being delicious is a great way to keep that calcium going and if you take it with lemonade or with orange juice (which will help you with the absorption due to the high content in Vit C) even better!

Here are the ingredients:

12 oz almond flour

2 very matured bananas (don't throw them, this is when they are full of nutrients the most)

A hint of cinnamon

1/4 cup of maple syrup (you can add more if you have a sweet tooth)

2 full spoons of coconut oil

organic dark chocolate chips


Mash the bananas until they are a sweet paste and add the cinnamon to your taste.

Add the maple syrup to the paste.

Add melted coconut oil.

Add the almond flour and mix everything really well.

Add the dark chocolate chips

*The paste won't be very hard so it is difficult to make it fit in a mold without struggling to take it out, but if you still want to try i recommend that you use organic corn starch to avoid the mix to get stuck in the mold.

Bake them in low fire for around 20 minutes and Rejoice!

Tips for a Keto diet version:

Replace bananas for 1/4 cup of chia seeds.

Let the chia seeds rest in lemon juice (without sugar) until they have a similar to the texture of jello.

Mix them with the rest of the ingredients.

Replace Maple Syrup for one dessert spoon of Organic Stevia powder macerated in coconut milk.

Replace the dark chocolate chips for cacao nibs.

Eat without guilt and Praise the Lord for His wonderful creation!

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