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Our Daily Bread Recipe: Godly Soup to bring the sun back

Updated: May 29

This soup is full of life and the goodness that God can offer. I like to take it when i am feeling a little sad during or in a rainy day where the sun is nowhere to be found. I specially love to prepare this for me or my children if we are struggling with stomach discomfort. It is one of my favorite healthy soup for the winter!

Ingredients (For 12 servings):

1/4 green cabbage

4 carrots

1/4 yellow pepper

1/4 of a big butternut squash

4 cups of water

2 cups of organic soy milk (optional but delicious!)

1 spoon of turmeric

1/2 spoon of garlic

1/2 spoon of Thyme

Salt (as much or as little as you like)


Wash your vegetables and chop them.

Put them in the pot with the water and the salt.

Cook them with the pot covert in slow fire until the butternut squash is soft.

Turn off the fire and add the soy milk and the spices allowing it to cook for another minute with the pot covert.

Process the soup to have a vegetable cream presentation or serve it with the veggie chucks.

Enjoy and give Thank to our God for our daily Bread!

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