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Christian Health Coaching: True Love tastes like chocolate. Feel God's love with each sip.

Updated: May 29

Our Lord had made everything in such a perfect way for us to rejoice and be grateful for His abundant creation. God must have known we will need some comfort after we were kicked out of paradise and i believe the way God found to show us how much love He has for us, despite our mischievous ways, it was creating the Cacao tree.

What a wonderful tree must be that it has been used by the ancient ones in Mexican lands as Gold, only reserved for the elites, the Royalty and the most important warrior.

It is not a surprise why still today its derivatives are well known and well sold all around the world, but it is a little sad that we have forgotten or taken for granted the incredible effects that has not only in our bones, due the the high level of magnesium, an important mineral to preserve them, but also for its capacity to have a positive impact on our mood, because of the presence of active principles that help the brain in the production of neuro-modulators and neuro-transmitters, stimulating the production of dopamine -which i like to call the chill hormone- endorphins and serotonin, yes, my favorite...the love hormone! Oh la la.

But the beauty that God has grow into our jungles does not end there. When you visit a Cacao Cafe or Museum in Southern Mexico, you can enjoy the spectacular process that makes this seed become the so loved bar or drink everybody knows and realize that is really not as simple as it seems.

I believe that to enjoy the goodness of Chocolate as to enjoy true Love it takes time and preparation. First, the tree would take its time to grow and then, when it is big enough and ready to bloom, you need to spot a good mature flower, that promises to have fruit and give it a good organic fertilizer, like Urtica Ferment(Labmim Album) which is what the elders use down there in Central America. If you take care of the garden as you take care of your own heart, the fruit would bring good seed, but then you need to know how to make it sweet. You ll see...without the preparation, the education, we don't know how to be sweet with ourselves and with others, that is why the Word of God is so important for our human life. It is the school where we learn how to transform that complex and bitter seed that life can be sometimes into something that not only nurture us but also make us feel so so good and pacifies even the worst beasts.

The properties of this seed are many and it is well known that 9 seeds of raw, organic cacao can replace a whole meal and exceed in nutrients for our bodies, but in this post i want to talk about our little hearts. Why? Not just because this plant has a great effect on our cardiac health but because it is so needed to find relief for the heartbreaks that this world presents to us every single day.

A cup of dark cacao with almond, coconut or soy milk is one of my favorite remedies for loneliness and homesickness, it is meant to help you feel at home in your own heart and not only brings so many great health benefits but it is also activating the inner Grandma that God has put in all us. The one that gives you a hug when you needed the most and that loves your stuff even when nobody else like it. If you weren't lucky enough to have a grandma like that, just know God has everything figure out and for that very reason He created the Cacao tree as your comfort drink with no side effects which you can take to sooth yourself out of darkness. It is funny that i said that because the raw cacao is indeed dark as our fertile earth is and if you think about in Genesis 2:7 says that the Lord conceived us out of dust, which is the mother of all trees so it makes sense that such a wonderful creation of God would come in a delicious and mysterious dark brown color to remind us our humble, loving, peaceful origins.

If today you have been feeling the world is too big and you may never be enough to fulfill its expectations, take a pause and a cup of good dark cacao (with maple syrup or honey is better!) and delight yourself in this godly truth: For God and for the earth that he created to sustain you, your heart is precious and you are so loved. If you just broke up with someone or you are single and feeling hopeless just remember: As God loved you so much that He created the cacao Tree and the knowledge of how to prepare chocolate, He has created someone in this earth to love you, they may be just getting ready to be your overflowing cup while you learn how valuable you are.

Don't lose heart! And cheers to your self love journey...

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