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Christian Health Coaching: The World is spinning and i want out! Healthy ways to overcome stress.

Updated: May 29

In The Holy Bible, in the book of Matthew 18:1-3 Jesus said: 'Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?' And calling to him a child, he put him in the midst of them and said, 'Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.'

A lot of times, stress gets a hold on my healthy routines. My schedules for working, exercising or even sleeping earlier are being tampered with the hardships of being a single mom in a world that does not wait for you to catch up. The healthy, organic food that i like to eat gets quickly replaced by the "something something" i can grab on the road to no starve and then my usually well balanced emotions come out of track getting hit by a train of guilty thoughts due to my lack of preparation.

Often, we set up our routines to be able to remain balanced and achieve our health foundations, but we don't count with the unexpected ready to jump on us as soon as we cross the door. In my case, understanding that the unexpected triggers would probably be there at some point or the possible stressful situation may arise and i have to be aware of when and how that can happen, to plan ahead, has become a prayer point and a new "routine out of my routine". Now i am trying to remain more relaxed in the storm and use grounding techniques (such as being in nature or reading the Bible, singing or breathing instead of paying attention to the wickedness of the world) just like a child would do

Of course, it is not a place where we can stay, because more often that not we have other people depending on us, but i had discovered that prioritizing the expansion of my ways to cope with high levels of stress and finding "the switch" to abandon my survival mode it is my cornerstone to be able to remain in the healthy routines i have created for myself.

Whenever we take those moments for our self soothing and relaxation, we need to understand them as the mountain where we can build the rest of our foundations to live a healthy lifestyle. Without ways to deal with high levels of stress, no good routine or habit can be maintained and our whole structure is stumbling.

Today, tale a moment to reflect in those things you can do not only to find some relaxation from the stress of our everyday life, but also to be able to look at the World more from the eyes of a child, so during the times where the roller coaster is going down, you can find yourself enjoying the ride or at least, waiting patiently for it to end.

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